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    Back Schools

  • EMG and Post-offer Employment determination of Repetitive Stress Injuries

    EMG and Post-offer Employment determination of Repetitive Stress Injuries

  • Ergonomic Consultation

    Ergonomic Consultation

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

    Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

  • Job Site Analysis

    Job Site Analysis

  • Post-offer Employment Testing

    Post-offer Employment Testing

  • Repetitive Injury Prevention

    Repetitive Injury Prevention

  • Return-to-work Programs

    Return-to-work Programs

We Can...

  • Facilitate closure of difficult, stuck cases, old or new

    Facilitate closure of difficult, stuck cases, old or new

  • Virtually eliminate falsified, exaggerated, deceptive claims

    Virtually eliminate falsified, exaggerated, deceptive claims

  • Reduce MSD (musculo-skeletal disorders) through programs that include Post-offer Employment Testing (POET)

    Reduce MSD (musculo-skeletal disorders) through programs that include Post-offer Employment Testing (POET)
    "Post-offer employment testing protects the worker and the employer. It is ADA compliant."

Working with You to...

  • Reduce Work-Related Injuries

    Reduce Work-Related Injuries

  • Decrease Medical and Rehab Costs

    Decrease Medical and Rehab Costs

  • Assure OSHA Compliance with Injury Reduction Guidelines

    Assure OSHA Compliance with Injury Reduction Guidelines

  • Improve Employer/Employee Morale

    Improve Employer/Employee Morale

  • Implement Post-Offer Testing to Improve Hiring and Retention Success

    Implement Post-Offer Testing to Improve Hiring and Retention Success

Working with You

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are specific in our recommendations. We use portable, computerized equipment to measure consistency of effort and full effort; real work tasks are used to measure an injured worker's ability to sustain work typical of most jobs (sitting, standing, walking, lifting, etc). Testing can be customized to job-specific requirements. An FCE is usually ordered through the treating physician when functional abilities and full effort need to be determined prior to return to work or to full duty following an injury. Assistance toward case resolution is forefront in our reports, the objectivity of which will stand up in court. Costs are fee-for-service, usually covered by Worker's Compensation. Our specialists have up to date training and over twelve years of FCE experience.

Post-Offer Employment Testing (POET) The ADA advocates for the potential employee to have the opportunity to demonstrate, without discrimination, the ability to perform a particular job. The employer also benefits by learning the fitness for duty of the prospective employee. Hiring may be made contingent upon passing a job-specific test, or results may be used to effectively place the prospective employee within the work place. Our role is to design and administer safe and job specific testing protocols. POET is recognized by leading manufactures such as Frito-Lay and Honda for benefits in employee retention, injury prevention and effective post-injury management practices. Cost to develop testing that can cover most critical jobs is usually less than companies expect and individual tests thereafter often cost less than $100 each. Our team includes a Certified Post Offer Evaluator.

Job Task Analysis and Ergonomic Consultation Research has now positively established the benefits of ergonomic and injury prevention strategies in reducing job-related injuries and their related costs. Our assessments are performed by licensed and specifically trained physical and occupational therapists. We look for solutions to job problems that are economical to implement, then work with the employer on long range goals. Costs are fee-for-service.

Work Site Prevention Programs are available specific to employer needs. Examples include: Job-site ergonomic assessment, back and cumulative trauma prevention classes, post-offer employment testing, exercise/stretching for workers, and on-site consultation for the employee reporting back to work after an injury. Prevention can address general discomfort complaints from a department before medical treatment is needed, thus preventing an injury or an injury report on the OSHA logs. Costs are fee-for-service.

Work-Relevant Rehabilitation for the injured worker can be provided in our local clinics or in-house, as a way to keep the worker in the work force. We provide traditional Rehab Services in all nine of our locations, but prefer a Return-to-work Program integrated with the workplace. Costs are fee-for-service.

EMG Analysis for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can be used to determine the presence of or likelihood of developing CTS. On January 14, 2002, the Supreme Court ruled that CTS for assembly line workers is not covered under ADA. Other US courts have ruled that applicants who were denied jobs based upon abnormal nerve conduction studies, indicating a susceptibility to CTS, were not covered under the ADA. A recently published study has concluded that, over a 6 year period, workers who initially had abnormal nerve conduction at the wrist were 4 times more likely to develop CTS. Such testing, like POET testing, is affordable and can contribute significantly to the prevention of work-related injury, human suffering, and compensation expenses. ASK US for more information.

Steve Allen, MS,PT

Steve, along with his wife Belinda, own Regional Therapy Serviceis here in Moultrie with eight satelite clinics in south Georgia and north Florida. Steve taught gross anatomy and neuroanatomy in the Medical School at Florida State Universiy and in the Physical Therapy Program at Florida A & M University for 17 years. He has twelve years experience teaching biomechanics and kinesiology. In 1991, two years prior to his retirement from the State University System of Florida, he began providing contract physical therapy service as a separate endeavor. In 1994, he was blessed to marry a Moultrie girl, the former Belinda Griner Greene. He has lived in Moultrie since that time.

In addition to his teaching and clinical experience, Steve has the Intellicus Certification in Functional Capacity Exams from the University of Florida. He has taught numerous professional workshops on neurological and orthopedic rehab, and on managing the injured worker. He has also addressed the Florida Workers Compensation Institute. For the past six years, Steve has been an on-site accreditation surveyor for the Commission on Accreditation of Physical Therapy Education. He holds two exclusive national contracts for utilization review and expert witness services.

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